Artdocfest audience voting has ended

April 9, 2023

On April 7, the audience voting of Artdocfest called "ArtdocNet-2023" ended. There was 21 films in the competition, for which viewers could vote on the social media of the festival. The top three most popular films in the voting included the film "Voices. Where is my home" ("Галасы. Дзе мой край") from the DocWave team with the BelSat support. The film recieved 527 votes on Facebook and Telegram. According to this parameter, the film is surpassed only by two works from Russia: "Hunger" (Голод) by Tatyana Sorokina, Alexander Arkhangelsky and Maxim Kournikov; and "Cargo 200" (Груз 200) by Irina Shikhman. The recieved 636 and 615 votes respectively.

The documentary film "Voices. Where is my home" tells the story of creating the "Free Choir" (Вольны Хор) - one of the significant symbols of belarusian resistance in 2020. During the period of active protests, an anonymous creative team appeared on marches of protests, in shopping centers and on the steps of the metro, inspiring people with songs about dignity, courage, fate and faith of Belarusians. "The story of birth and activities of the Free Choir will be told by family of musicians Alexander and Sasha Serdyukov, former employees of the Belarusian State Philarmonic. In search of asylum abroad, they, along with thousands Belarusians who have left the country, are asking the question: "Where is my homeland?"

Among other films of the programme, there was also another Belarusian film by Artyom Lobach. "Home is where I am?" is "a film about refugees and their ability to remain creative in times of political terror".

You can watch these and other films of the programme on Artdocfest site for free by the link below.
Films of the contest:

You can wait for the official results of the contest by the jury and the audience on social media of Artdocfest project on Facebook and Telegram.