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Who we are

Belarusian Filmmakers' Network (BFN) is a collective project open to all Belarusian filmmakers

  • Unites filmmakers from Belarus, including those in exile in multiple worldwide locations
  • A critical hub for independent filmmakers that fosters European partnerships for co-production and funding
  • Committed to transparency and democratizing access to resources and global platforms for our community.

Our Mission

To restart Belarusian film production by creating and developing a community of independent filmmakers.

Our Vision

BFN will be the most trusted dynamic platform for Belarusian cinema to participate in the global cultural dialog.

BFN Approach

  • Building horizontal connections
  • Facilitating free exchange of ideas
  • Nourishing creative expression.

BFN Areas of Activity

  • Practical education and promotion: visits, internships, festivals
  • Building the framework for community development: search for funding, opportunities, and resources.
  • External activity: partnership, advocacy at various levels.
  • Public visibility: media, expertise, advancement
  • Film production.

BFN History

February 2022: Participation in the first-ever section of Belarusian cinema at the European Film Market (EFM) as part of the 72nd Berlin Film Festival 2022. BFN held a number of presentations and meetings with 49 representatives of film festivals and production companies.

December 2022: Strategic planning session to identify further actions and key objectives and to develop a roadmap for the network development. The initiative group grows with new filmmakers.

February 2023: Participation in the Berlinale European Film Market in cooperation with the Belarusian Independent Film Academy (BIFA). BFN presented a programme of contemporary auteur, young, and avant-garde cinema as the first-ever screenings of Belarusian short films at the film market for professionals.

June 2023: BFN helps to make a stand showcasing Belarusian animation for the first time at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, also known as the 'Cannes for Animation'.

Screening of the film Summer of 89 in Berlin, Germany with a special emphasis on its portrayal of the historical events that marked a turning point for the country.

August 2023: The first informal convention (BarCamp) of independent Belarusian filmmakers. 100+ participants, 19 film premieres, 30+ events in three days, 12 international experts. Three days of networking, discussion, and planning.

September 2023: Screening of the film Fostering in Berlin, the first part of the anthology Processes that explores the absurd processes taking place in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.

October 2023: A joint BFN - SMartDE conference supported by the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) in Berlin. Four days of intense work to facilitate the integration of Belarusian filmmakers into the European context.

The first-ever micro-budget film incubator is launched. Two debut feature films will be created.

November 2023: Participation in the Connecting Cottbus (coco) events and the Cottbus Film Festival.

December 2023: Screening of the film Live (Na Żywo) in Berlin. The movie explores the topic of police violence through the true story of two female journalists.