Belarusian animation in New York: "Shirey Mara" by Nata Korneyeva

February 22, 2023

New York Jewish Film Festival 2023 was held in january and dedicated to present the films from around the world that explore the Jewish experience. Among other magnificent works at the festival, there was a belarusian short animation in the section "Shorts by Women".

"Shirey Mara" is gorgeously animated fairy tale from Belarus tells the story of reconciling with the loss of a loved one. Using an evocative collage style, Nata Korneyeva depicts the possibility of renewal and the healing magic of music that transcends death. Reviewer Brandon Judell in his Medium post stated: "Exquisitely illustrated by Eldar Musin with Daria Pariseeva, every vibrantly colored image here is worthy of being framed."

You can watch trailer of "Shirey Mara" here.