Belarusian animation on Ninateka - till March 12!

March 6, 2023

The cycle "WSCHÓD NIEZNANY" ("Unknown East") from the polish portal Ninateka is their reaction to the tragic political situation in the world. The project aims to bring the authors across the eastern border of Poland - from areas that, despite its geographical proximity, still seem unexplored. Films are, according to the cycle, is an opportunity to understand the historical complexity of Eastern Europe, show a new perspective on familiar issues, help to explore awareness and sensitivity, get closer to each other.

The seventh iteration of the cycle dedicated to Belarus. The program includes seven short animated films. The authors of these films are most often forced to leave the country due to the difficult political situation and lack of prospects. They find their own language of expression in animation. Some interpret it as a form of self-therapy, others - as a means of speaking out against the authoritarian regime in their homeland, and third ones - simply as an opportunity to tell fabulous, bizarre, funny stories.

Program of the cycle:

"Mighty God - Prayer for Belarus"
, by Julia Ruditskaja, Belarus 2020, 4 min.
The film is based on the song "Mighty God", written by Nikolai Ravensky to the words of Natalia Arsenyeva. This song is the unofficial anthem of the Belarusian democratic opposition. This is a prayer for all Belarusians who continue to peacefully protest for freedom and human rights, including the right to fair elections and freedom of speech.

, by Rita Tsikhanovich, Belarus 2021, 3 min.
A short musical animation in which director and animator Rita Tsikhanovich talks about the desire for freedom through tight lines and expressive colors. The film is a gesture of solidarity with all political prisoners in Belarus who were not afraid to speak the truth and are now in captivity.

"Garbage Head”
, by Jurij Siemaszko, Belarus 2022, 17 min.
While working, the janitor finds a mysterious head and takes it home with him. Turns out, the head has extraordinary abilities... Yuri Semashko combines animation with live action in his funny, twisted project.

, by Maryja Jakimowicz, Belarus/Poland 2019, 29 min.
An autobiographical animated documentary film in which the director paints a portrait of a father, overcome by an illness that has turned his family's life into hell.

"Kingdom of stars”
, by Iwan Gopienko, Belarus 2019, 17 min.
Ivan Gapienka's independent project, implemented over 4 years. It is a philosophical, fairy-tale study of human nature, our best and worst sides.
Ivan Gapienko is a young independent artist from Belarus, specializing in graphics and animation.

You can also watch the film on Vimeo:

"In Freedom and Dignity”
, by Andrus Takindang, Belarus 2022, 6 min.
Relying on national symbols and filtering it through their own styles, the creators raise their voice over an important issue - reminding of violence against citizens, of political prisoners who dared to oppose the authorities, of the tireless struggle for freedom that still goes on. They show that it can be carried out in different ways, including the activity of the artist.

"Too Big Drawing”
, by Genadzi Buto, Belarus/Russia 2021, 5 min.
A short experimental animation in which the drawing goes beyond the paper and circles the world.

Films are available on the for a month, from February 13 till March 12. Viewing is available only in Poland!
You can view the works of the cycle at the link below: