BFN Announces Results Of The Screenwriting Lab

January 26, 2024

The Belarusian Filmmakers' Network has announced the results of the script laboratory, which took place from December 1, 2023 to January 17, 2024 as part of the Microbudget Film Incubator. During that period, five shortlisted authors worked on the scripts of their debut feature films, with support of experienced curators.

The evaluation of the final drafts involved external experts, including a European producer, a film critic, and a sales agent.

As a result, the following projects were selected to go into production:

Fyodar Ozerau's Swan Song

Wounds and Jewelry.  

External experts made these comments about the scripts chosen for production. "The script leaves a strong impression. There is a theme, style, directorial vision, integrity of structure." "The script raises universal human issues, but arising on the "soil" of the Belarusian socio-political and cultural situation." "Overall, it is a script with a profound message." "I see an aesthetically pleasing and artistically resolved film that will have a therapeutic effect on the viewer." "The upcoming movie has the potential to emerge as a compelling contender at film festivals", "The script presents a fascinating and surreal narrative with a unique story premise."

"The participants in the Screenwriting Lab have demonstrated creativity and original thinking. Now they are faced with a difficult challenge: implementing their ideas with limited resources. However, I believe that the authors of the selected scripts will succeed in producing high-quality auteur films that will be of interest to international festivals," says Vladimir Kozlov, co-founder of BFN and head of the micro-budget film incubator project.