The First BarCamp For Belarusian Independent Filmmakers

July 4, 2023

From August 18 to August 20, 2023, the first-ever BarCamp of Belarusian independent filmmakers will be held in Warsaw, Poland. Organized by the Belarusian Filmmakers Network (BFN), the event is aimed at bringing the community together to work out a unified strategy for the development of the Belarusian cinema.

Planned in a format of an alternative conference, the BarCamp welcomes all Belarusian filmmakers from different backgrounds and countries. The participants will be able to suggest any topic for discussion, thus determining the program of the event, and to engage in any BarCamp activity they consider relevant. 

Providing this unique opportunity, BFN encourages the participants to share knowledge with their peers and to seek support for their projects. The only requirement to join the BarCamp is their willingness to take an active part in the event’s sessions. 

Accredited journalists, industry professionals from CEE, and representatives of international film organizations are expected to attend the event.

Leonid Kalitenya, Manager of BarCamp 2023, comments: “I hope that an anti-conference format that we’ve chosen will contribute to a special creative vibe. We consider it necessary to find the best possible working model for the community of Belarusian filmmakers. The results of a closed survey of 100+ Belarusian filmmakers show the shortage of networking opportunities. About 87 percent of the respondents would like to share their experiences with Belarusian colleagues, while nearly 95 percent lack communication with representatives of foreign film industries. So we provide this opportunity as a first step to shaping our film industry and expanding market access for Belarusian filmmakers.”

BFN will select up to 30 applicants from Belarus and other countries to provide feasible visa assistance, accommodation, and meals, and to cover travel costs. In addition, the organizers count on the active participation of up to 30 more Belarusian filmmakers living in Warsaw, and the help of volunteers. 

The event will be held with the media partner support from Backstage, Euroradio, and

To register for the BarCamp 2023, please, fill in the form by July 16, 2023. An invitation to attend will be sent to the participants by July 20, 2023.

For media accreditation, please fill in the form by August 15, 2023.

For additional information, please contact BFN by email:

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