The Night of Unfilmed Cinema on "Unfiltered Cinema" film festival

February 23, 2023

The "Unfiltered Cinema" festival will be held in Minsk for the ninth time. In addition to other classic activities of this event, the team decided to give an opportunity to tell about their unfilmed tape to those who did not have the finances, time or patience for the teamwork.

The format of the experiment is mostly held in oral form. But organizers do not prevent authors from choosing their creative tools. The genres, format, techniques and ideas can be anything: from a stand-up to a confession. The duration of the story is no more than 5 minutes. The main task is to involve the audience, interest them in your idea.

To participate, send your story to by March 10 of this year. If you want to participate, but cannot come to Belarus, you can do it by recording a video or audio.

You can view the details of the Night and the festival itself by this link.