"Unfiltered Cinema" in Minsk is cancelled

March 22, 2023

"Unfiltered Cinema" film festival, which should be held in Minsk for the ninth time, was cancelled on March 22. Organizers of the festival announced it on social media of the festival.

"Unfortunately, we have sad news. Yesterday we received a call from the Ministry of Culture and were informed that there would be no festival. They refused to say who and why made that decision. After that the state register of films of the Republic of Belarus was updated and the films of the festival, which were registered on March 17, were removed from it.

Because of this festival will be postponed indefinetely for the time being.

The cinema will automaticaly issue refunds for the tickets bought online. If you still have questions you can contact the box office of the cinema".

"Unfiltered Cinema" is an independent belarusian film festival, totally uncensored, which was one of the last offline events in Belarus. This spring festival was to be held for the ninth time.