What is known about the "Half an hour before spring"?

March 25, 2023

On March 20, a trailer of the TV series about the ensemble "Pesnyary" called "Half an Hour Before Spring" appeared. Reform.by collected information about the film project dedicated to Vladimir Mulyavin, the creator and head of the ensemble.

The idea for the project emerged back in 2014, when Viktor Lobkovich (producer of the private First Film Video Company) and his colleague Alexei Trotsyuk (general producer of the Russian film company Yellow, Black and White, known for its "Kitchen" and "Father's Daughters" series) decided to create a film about Pesnyary. Only in 2022, after three attempts, the producers finally received a tender from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus to create an eight-part series.

Among the main partners and creators of the series after receiving the tender remained and the First Channel, whose logo appears in the beginning of the trailer, and "Yellow, Black and White". There is also an online cinema START, on which the series will be presented. This platfrom was also founded by Alexei Trotsyuk, who remained one of the main producers.

Among the creators, apart from the producers, there are quite a few Belarusians. One of the screenwriters is Ruslan Starikovsky, who once collaborated with J:MORS and Seryoga. Among the performers we can notice Maxim Shishkov, a former actor of the RTBD (Republican Theater of Belarusian Drama), and other Belarusian actors - but the main roles are still played by Russians. Meetings and consultations were also held with Vladimir Mulyavin's inner circle - his daughter Marina, as well as musicians Valery Dayneko and Vladislav Misevich.

Filming took place in Belarus - Minsk, Logoisk, Borisov, as well as in Russia - Moscow, Moscow and Kaliningrad regions.

The creators of the series emphasize the "epic" and "scale" that will take place in the project. Producer Victor Lobkovich commented very emotionally on the release of the trailer on his Facebook: "This is the best thing that ever was, and that will be...". But no other details about the release of the picture, comments from other creators or actors yet.

The first series of nine, according to Film.ru, will appear on the START platform on May 31. You can watch the trailer of the series at the link below:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
Source (on belarusian): https://reform.by/shto-vjadoma...